Kazety ktoré hľadám do zbierky

zhanam do zbierky MC.xlsx (29752) - Kompletny zoznam download.
Abbey ov Thelema A Fragment ov the Great Work 2012 Morak prod.  
Abortion Impurity... Perversity... Love?? 1992    
Abortion / Choked by Own Vomits Split 2005 Give Praise Records  
Abscess ...in Your Cant 1992    
Acheron Permanent Depression 1991    
Acoasma Eyes Full of Blood 1996    
Acoasma Lost in Personal Hell 1996 Immortal Souls  
Aeneas First Deed of Aeneas 1993    
Aeneas Confession 1996    
Akant Damned Fate 1992    
Akant Master AIDS 1992    
Akant Pod gilotínu! - Under the Guillotine 1993    
Akant Prophecy of the Death 1994    
Alea Iacta Est / Jack Splitted / Alive 2011 Power Rangers Records  
Alea Iacta Est / Controlled Existence Split 2013    
Angel's Decay Odiumspace / Victims of Belief 2017 Egg of Nihilism Productions  
Antisocial Kingdom of Lies 1992    
Antisocial Blood 1996    
Apocryphal Arcane Profundity Arcane Mysteries I 2019    
Apoplexy Dysmorphophobia 1993    
Apoplexy Monarchy of Damned 1999    
Artery A Child Who Has Lost Both ... 1996    
Aryan Triumph Our Future Is War 2003    
Arzén Demo 1990-95 1995    
Astarot Walk Through the Hyper Space 1993    
Atmosfear Prognosticon 1996    
Azathoth Too More Faith 1992    
Barbar Demo 2018    
Bastard Black Raven 1991    
Beast of Prey Demo 1999      
Bluten Promo 2001      
Canvasser Reign of the Underground Darkness 1995    
Canvasser Destroying of Ritual 1995    
Carrion Demo 1997      
Carrion Labyrinth of Time 2000    
Cataract Nocturhale Obsessed with Past 2018 Share Your Pain Records  
Catastrophe Apocalyptic 1989    
Catastrophe Abyss for the Dead 1991    
Clinical Journey to the Gate of Eternity      
Concubia Nocte Z najhlbsej noci 2007 Hammerbolt Productions  
Contempt Cruel Merci 1993    
Cranium Earth in Flames 1990    
Cranium Sacrifices of Era 1991    
Cranium Not Only Child's Play 1992    
Cremation Braindeath 1999    
(Dark) Mordor Dobyvatel Spravodlivosti      
Darkland The Floating World 1991    
Darkland What's Goin' On... 1993    
Darkland Lost Secrets 1996    
Decay Čas Pre Smrť 1993    
Decomposition Fragments of the Corpses 1999    
Dehydrated Dehydrated 1994    
Delusion  Demo 1998    
Dementor The Extinction of Christianity      
Dementor The Art of Blasphemy 2001 Fatal Ecstasy Productions  
Demolizer Demo 2009    
Demolizer Live Demo 2011 In League with Satan  
Depresy In Embrace of the Dying 1993    
Deus Pacis Črevo 1986    
Deus Pacis Heavy Metal Mongols 1988    
Deus Pacis Memento Mori 1990    
Deus Pacis You're Only Meat 1991    
Deus Pacis United Shit's of America 1993    
Deus Pacis Chaos in My Head 1996    
Devil's Poison / Devil's Poison Split 2018 Street Metal Blasphemy  
Devil's Poison / Devil's Poison Split 2019 PurgatorY RecordS  
Diadem Kalich smrti 1990    
Diadem Silence the Devil 1990    
Diadem Triteness of Dying 1991    
Diadem Črevný chaos 1992    
Diadem Dictator 1992    
Diadem Metalmorphoses 1993    
Diadem Nameless 1994    
Diadem Fighting with Vanity 1995    
Disaster Demo 91      
Disaster Demo 92      
Disgrace Fall Dema -      
Disillusion Humanity vs. Nature 1997    
Disloyal Cry of Cemetery 1993    
Disloyal The Ritual of Death 1995    
Disloyal March or Die 2000    
Dissideo Bodies Without Heads 1995    
Doomed  Black Masses the Unholy Altars 1998    
Dysanchely Messengers of Destruction 1996    
Dysanchely Promo 99      
Dysmenore Boha Jeho      
Editor Testimony of Suffering 1992    
Embalmed Meaning of the Life 1994 Immortal Souls  
Embolism  Upchatie Tepny 1997    
Agathocles / Embolism Mental Retard Individuals 1998 Coprologia Production  
Embolism / Pissed Cunt / W.A.S.P. / P.B.K. 4. Way Split Tape 1999    
Embolism / Depresy Mouse Split 1999 Project Productions  
Embolism And We All Hate Ourselves 2000 Erebos  
Emotions Recolection 2000    
Erytrosy Disintegrating In born Imagination 1994    
Evil Darkness 2004    
Evil Total Black Night 2005    
Evil/Wartag Omen / Hell in Forest 2005    
Evil Dark and Blasphemic... 2006    
Evil Dark and Blasphemic... 2012    
Evil For Lucifer My Black Blood  -  White edition 2009    
Evil Dead Night of Spirits (Rehearsal) 2001    
Evil Dead Promo 05      
Evil Dead Spomienky na predkov 2006    
Farost Návrat mŕtvych 2019 Depressive Illusions Records  
Fonops Rehearsal Tape 2004    
Fonops Live In Poprad 2004    
Gagas  Demo 1990    
Galadriel Empire of Emptiness 1996    
Gates of Ptulah Demonstration of Death 2013 In League with Satan  
Gladiator Predohra Smrti 1990    
Goreopsy/Catasexual Urge Motivation  Split 1996    
Grium Cestou Hriechu 2019 Akne Prod  
Grium Cestou Hriechu 2019 Depressive Illusions Records  
Hecate Tales... 1997    
Helcaraxe Beyond Redemption 2002    
Hnilobny Zakusok Implantat 1997    
Imperium V džungli 1992    
Insepultus Promotape 98      
Kar Dni Temna 1991    
Kelt Death Is My Faith 1989    
Kelt Garážové slavnosti 1991    
Kelt Live In Trebišov 1992    
Kelt Three Cheers For Kelt 1992    
Kelt Rain Above the Grave 1997    
Krakatoa In the Sign of Death 1990    
Krakatoa Against All 1992    
Lord Vassago Demo 2005      
Lunatic Gods Promo 97      
Lunatic Gods The Wilderness  2002 Rest in Peace Productions  
Lunatic Gods The Wilderness  2002 ShadowLand Music  
Lunatic Gods The Wilderness  2002 Rock Express Records  
Maltum The Age of Storming Apokalypz 1998 Majestic Union  
Maltum/Buried Beneath Split 1998 Majestic Union  
Maria Chuana Hashrock 1996    
Marianne Posledný smiech 1996    
Masacroot Dying in the Dark      
Masticat The Final Escape to Think 1992    
Masticat Sickly Thinking About Lost Illusions 1993    
Miscellane Noli Tangere Circulos Meo 1996    
Miscellane 29567232 Letters from Creation of a World 1997    
Miscellane Iný pohlad na vec 1998    
Mor Na cirkev 2018 Depressive Illusions Records  
Mordum Psychic Dissection 1991    
Mordum Spiritual Necropsy 1992    
Mordum Destroy Future 2000    
Mors Subita Mors Subita 1992    
Mortal Infected Tell Me a Poem 1997    
Mravcolev Popol 2017 HeavyTape  
Nailed Nazarene Blood Colours My Thoughts 1992    
Nailed Nazarene I'a Y'g Sothoth 1993    
Nemrael  Dema-      
Ničiteľ Matka 2016 Red Truth Productions  
No Promises/Dust Components Pirouette of the Antisocial 1999 Psychic Scream Entertainment  
No Promises   Photoalbum 1997    
Nocturn Assfucking the Virginbitch 2011 Bosque Produções  
Nomenmortis Unnoficial '93 - Rehearsal tape      
Nomenmortis Around the House Is It Good '94      
Nomenmortis Promo-tape 1999    
Nostalgia Dreams Invia 1998    
Notorica Svet násilia 1991    
Notorica Rozklad 1991    
Obliterate/Negligent Collateral Collapse Split 1999 Impregnate Noise Laboratories  
Occult War Total War 2007 Fastidium Records  
Peccancy Treasure of Satan 2014    
Persecutor Demo 1996    
Phantasma Destroyed, \'Cause He Believed 1992    
Phenobarbital Hriechom stratená dokonalost 1997    
Phenobarbital Labyrint lží 1998    
Poseidon Demo '97      
Posledná Minúta Späť ku koreňom 2012    
Protest Inside of Humanity 1992    
Pyopoesy In Extremis 1996    
Requiem Demo      
Šakal Welcome Winter 1991    
Sanatorium Internal Womb Cannibalism 2001 Extreme Souls Production  
Sanatorium Internal Womb Cannibalism 2001 The Flaming Arts Productions  
Sanity Into the Sea of Oblivion 1996    
Satyr Smetisko mrtvých 1989    
Satyr Ochranca smrti 1992    
Scum Primitive Life 1997 Jesus Wept  
Septic Nekrofilia 1995    
Sexit Sexit 1992 Opus  
Sirin The Dawn of Freedom 2006 Under the Sign of Garazel Productions  
Sleeping Prophet Hopeless Depression      
Stagnant Wasteland 1995    
Stagnant Nihilistic 1999    
Stalker No a čo 1992    
Stalker Blood the Thrash 1992    
Stirba Madhouse Wait Me 1991    
Striga Live 1989      
Striga Welcome to the Jungle 1991    
Striga Doctor Trash 1992    
Striga Watching Nasty World 1995    
Striga Negative Points 1997    
Suffocate Lust for Heaven 2001 Extreme Souls Production  
Suppuration Open Your Eyes 1994    
Svor November 2018 Depressive Illusions Records  
Testimony Spiritual World 1992    
Testimony Svet prestáva by sídlom ozajstného života 1995    
Testimony / Mentally Parasites Just in Ourselves / Testimony 1997 Epidemie  
Testimony Satisfaction Warranted 1993    
Thalarion Dominion Unfound 1996    
The Bleeding Demo 1      
The Bleeding Demo 2      
The Cryptosy Fuck the Christ 1997    
The Plaky Check-Mat & Bad Move 1996    
Total Genocide Never-ending Hate... 2010    
Total Genocide Black Noizz (Rehearsal Demo) 2011    
Toxic Trash Corpse Death  1991    
Trest The World Is a Puppet Theatre 1993    
Trest Promo Demo '95      
Tristana Osud Ľahko Nezmenis 1994    
Tristana Láska Na Predaj 1995    
Tristana Hradby Casu 1996    
Tristana Slovakia Go - Go 1996    
Tujarot ...Artis Obscura 2016    
Verson Peklo ve zbrani 1992    
Vrak Dead Audience 1991    
Vrak Majestát smrti 1991    
Warmarch Noc bez konca 2013 Winterkalt Records  
Wayd Shape of Your Mind 1995    
Waymanyka Shastra Demo 1998    
Xibalba Brain-Feedback 1990    
Xibalba Depressive Reality 1992    
Xibalba Expelling the Evil 1993    
Xibalba Grey Infinity 1995